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About Us

Pankaj Gandhi's Academy was started in 2003 with a 100sq ft classroom and 4 students. Today we occupy more than 15000 sqft and teach more than 3000 students every year.In simple words today we are MMLT people. Anything to do with Maths, Management ,Languages and Technology, we have all under one roof.

Our chief mentor Mr. Pankaj Gandhi is a serial CAT cracker with a career highest score of 99.97 percentile.We strongly believe, be it Leaders,Toppers or Teachers, nobody is born but are nurtured under the guidance of right Guru .All the students are constantly observed and mentored on a regular basis.Mr. Pankaj Gandhi takes all the Maths and Data Interpretation classes for all the batches.

Today knowledge is freely available but what’s lacking is Whom to teach what? How to teach ?That’s where we stand out in the crowd and that’s what differentiates us.Rather than a course specific approach , we have an individual’s need based approach, which is build based on an individuals strengths and weaknesses. Right from the basics of any subject (Maths , English and Programming languages) to the super advance levels , we have something for everyone.
In simple words we are one stop career solutions provider.Be it MBA entrances, Govt. Jobs, Education Abroad,High -Tech technology courses. We have it all.
Though we chase results, but still our first priority is to imbibe in our students Values, Ethics ,Morals and above all National Pride.To sum up If you are willing to work harder and have faith in us ,we will for sure get the desired results for you.