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Nowadays, with the advancement of the internet, content is available anywhere and everywhere, but what is missing is, a structured and personalized approach.Apart from this ,the most important aspect is career counselling. Many students aspire for the things which they may not be able to achieve or chase the careers which they may not enjoy later on. So, we give a stress on personalised career counselling and continuous personal monitoring.

We are a one stop career solutions provider preparing candidates for various exams like MBA entrances (CAT,XAT,CET,CMAT,SNAP etc) Education abroad(GRE,GMAT), GOVT. sector jobs exams(SSC,BANK P.O., DEFFENCE(CDS,AFCAT) and Private sector jobs exams(INFOSYS,TCS,THOUGHT WORKS,GOOGLE, MICROSOFT etc..)

For every competitive exam ,basic test structure revolves around Mathematical skills, Reasoning skills and Verbal skills. So, the variations will occur to a minor extent in the difficulty levels and weightages of the topics only.

All these exams as they mention are ,of 10th grade knowledge base.So, in simple words first we have to prepare for this basic pattern and then, we should have exam specific approach. Belieiving in the same philosophy, we first have the basic program which we have named as PGA-APT. This programme, named appropriately suggests what we do in this program.We make you APT by building your APTITUDE and ATTITUDE. This program covers the complete Quant, Verbal, Reasoning and Data Interpretation concepts In-Depth.

Any person after having undergone this program, is ready to take any above mentioned competitive exam with proper practice. People who lack self motivation or need continues monitoring and hand holding, for them, we have designed exam specific courses where in we monitor the student’s progress on day to day basis and UNDERTAKE THE RESPOSIBILITY OF THE RESULTS. As this process involves a lot of efforts and individualized attention , they are a bit pricy .