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We have always believed that, the Technology is for the betterment of mankind. How and how much to use it, that we must know.We at PGA are using it in the best possible manner, so that , we can have the best of the both; classroom and online education.

All our concepts videos; Maths,Reasoning and English are available in this app. This app has more than 200 hrs of unique format videos. The videos are so self explanatory, that any student can master the concept. These videos cover the whole syllabus of IQ based exams right from Olympiads , Scholarships , MATHEX to Bank P.O. ,Company’s Aptitude tests to MBA entrance exams. Any child above 12 yrs.(No upper age) should be able to understand most of the topics. For those who are not aware of some basic concepts, for them we have foundation videos available.Individual user can go through the videos as many number of times as desires to.

The whole 4000+ pages of high end study material can be downloaded in the pdf format. Apart from that, topic wise and full length tests also can be taken online.

The investment for the one year subscription is Rs. 5000/-.

Once you download and subscribe to our app the whole one year ,you can go through any video, any number of times(only for your individual use).As well as you can attend all the lectures at our classroom any time throughout the year.

How to download the app:

Step 1: Click on the download link given at the bottom of this page .
Step 2 : Click on the install button and install the App.
Step 3 : Click on the Sign up button and fill in the details.
Step 4: Click on one year subscription,fill in the details and click on proceed to pay.
Step 5: Using any mode of digital payment , you can pay the amount(Rs. 5000) and you are set to go.